Monday, March 28, 2011

Archon Completed!!!

Yeah, so i'm pretty happy with how he came out!  A couple of slight touch-ups left to do, primarily his cloak, but other than that I'm very happy with how he came out.  I think the black helm was the right way to go, although it wasn't the only way.  Some of the highlights got washed out, and the green is a lot brighter than it actually appears to the eye, but you get the gist of it.  Enjoy!


  1. The frontal shot looks a little underwhelming, however the other shots convince me this is a characterful and dynamic Archon indeed.

    By the way, am I mad to be slightly converting a Queen Khalida model and using it as Lady Malys?

  2. Yeah a good bit of the shading/highlighting/cool stuff tends to get washed out by my camera/lighting. I'm still debating adding/enhancing a couple of things, and the cape is definitely going to get an overhaul at some point. The first foray into large purple surfaces shall not be the last!

    As far as conversions go: I'm generally a "if it looks cool it's awesome" kinda gamer. For Khalida, it really depends on how you convert her. My idea of what Malys might look like and yours could be very different. For instance, I kind of picture her as showing more skin and using merely her trinkets/abilities as her methods of defense and attack. Khalida, to my taste, looks a little "conservative" clothing wise for Vect's ex-concubine, but it could be made to look pretty sweet if done right. The one thing that irks me about that model is how static it feels. I love all my models to be right in the middle of something, either turning, leaping, stabbing, shooting, etc. for the most part (hence totally unnecessary and ridiculous Archon conversion for a model that's already pretty pimp to begin with).

    I'm interested to hear how you're planning on doing it though

  3. I know I'm a weaker converter, so I tend towards simple stuff but still emphasise a theme. To me, Malys is like the anti-Eldrad, a conniving tactician who is just as likely to stand there and gloat on her magificence as she is to get stuck in. Out of all the DE gallery, she's just behind Sliscus and ahead of Vect in classiness.

    Bandages are something associated with ancient evil, so it's a plausible thing to use to seal away her demon heart.
    I also think she holds her cards close to her (crystalline) chest. Malys is more about what she ISN'T showing, and bandages aren't that stable as clothing anyway... Plus, I'm really not a fan of Vampire Counts models I've seen used to convert her elsewhere.

    Enough artsy talk. For actually converting her I'll change the snakey staff into a spear for a weapon. The other hand has a long talon which I'll build the fan around. Other options I have open are hair and whether or not to extra pimp that shoulder thingy.

  4. See, now that you went and explained your thoughts, I think its a SWEET idea!

    Anti-eldrad and the whole "it's what she isn't showing" is a sweet motif for that. Never really looked at her story other than the first time I went through the codex, I'll have to go back for another read. I like it, I'm eager to see it. Although isn't her Kabal serpent-oriented? Unless I'm making that up. So you may be able to keep the snake-staff or at least put that snake to good use on her base or something. Otherwise don't mind me

  5. I think the icon is a cobra and the name is Poisoned Tongue, so yeah I could probably use the snake in some fashion. Hopefully I'll get the model this week or next.