Monday, March 21, 2011

Archon WIP

Well fellas, when the galaxy is your playground, and the emperor's finest just a smear to scrape off the bottom of your shoe, you too can have your very own set of PiMpTaStIc aWeSoMeSaUcE armor for the very low price of one million tortured souls!  Taxes not included.

What say you?


  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see him finished. (and a group pic with your other DEs :)

    I was waiting for someone to paint some Dark Eldar in red/orange/yellow tones as it's one of the color schemes I thought about for mine. Now that I have the confirmation that it can indeed look good I might steal this :p

  2. Thanks Tame! Got some more work done on his cloak last night. Hoping to finish that + arms/legs tonight, possibly start work on either the head or the base. We'll see though. Thanks for the support!!

  3. figure looks awesome lol check this one out, awesome gaming blog