Thursday, March 10, 2011

Incubi Test Model

I'm pretty happy with how he came out.  Got some cool ideas for my Klaivex and Archon from painting him.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Looking good, never thought bright colours would work on dark eldar, I see them as more evil cold dark colours but this looks awesome

  2. Thanks Dalinair! And thanks for checking out the blog!

    Yeah I wasn't originally sold on what to do for these guys, but I like how the chest/shoulder/knee plates really helps him stand out in the army without deviating too far from the scheme. I think it was really the helmet that brought him in line and kept him "popping" while not going overboard on the bright colors. I had been going back and forth between this, white like in the codex, or some sort of craziness akin to my Hekatrix helmet.

    Not super thrilled with the broken soulstones. Trying to find a way to make them look like a dead and broken soulstone as opposed to just another soulstone or just another piece of the model has proven difficult.

  3. I like the Red Incubus.Very sharp color!

  4. Thanks Larry, looking to have them stand out from the warriors/wyches without deviating from the overall cover scheme