Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tournament Victory BatReps! (2 of 3)

Hello again everyone!  I apologize again for my absence but school and general procrastination have once again been impinging on my battle report posting.  At this point, they're beginning to get a bit hazy, but I'll try to do the battles justice as best I can.  As a result, this will be more of a stream-of-consciousness type report rather than a detailed turn by turn recounting.  Hopefully you'll still enjoy the pictures and the general flow of the battle!

Our second game was against my fellow 'Arvard 'Ardboyz: Sam and Carroll playing Plague Marines and Blood Angels.
Daemon Prince w/Mark of Nurgle, Warp Time, Wings
Plague Marines, Champ w/Pfist, 2x Plasmagun, Rhino
Plague Marines, Champ w/Pfist, 2x Plasmagun, Rhino
6x Nurgle Bikers, 2x Melta, Champ w/Pfist
3x Obliterators

Gabriel Seth
Sanguinary Priest
10x Assault Marines, 2x Melta, Sgt w/Pfist in Land Raider Crusader
5x Scouts with Camo Cloaks and Sniper Rifles
Baal Predator w/TL-AC and Heavy Bolters
Attack Bike with Multimelta
2x Vindicator

The deployment was Dawn of War with 4 Objectives and Kill points as primary and secondary objectives, respectively.  Objectives in the opponents deployment zone are worth 8 BP and in ours are worth 2 BP.  We elected to go first, deploying nothing while our opponents deployed just the Scouts behind the western plateau.  Combat drugs comes up rerolls to wound.


We move onto the table, moving flat out to position the Trueborn and Incubi behind the North bastion, with the Wyches moving flat out to assault the Scouts next turn.  The warriors, Assault marines, and Baal Predators all moved into position for firing on turn 2 without risk of much fire this turn.

Our opponents moved on and took a few pot shots, including Stunning the Incubi raider, and not much else.


The Incubi and Archon disembark, preparing to assault the Nurgle Bikers behind the northern bastion.  The Wyches also disembark and prepare to multi-charge the Baal, Vindi, Rhino, and Scouts.  The Deep Striking Melta combat squad mishaps and is placed in the SE corner, where they'll slowly move up onto the local objective over the course of the game.  Shooting proves to be rather ineffective, killing the attack bike, putting a wound on the DP, and not doing much else.  Assault sees the Wyches locked in with the Scouts, while the Archon and Incubi manage to TOTALLY WIPE OUT the Nurgle Bikers!  Of course, they're now primed and ready to be shot to hell by the opposition.  However, the Wyches are safely locked in with the Scouts.

In our opponents' turn, they proceed to take out all of the Incubi using a Vindicator and the Oblits.  Seth and company disembark and start assaulting my Trueborn, Venom, and Raider.  They were eventually all destroyed, but I believe it took a couple of turns to finish them all off.  The Baal moves behind the West Plateau moving 18".  The Nurgle Marines and Western Vindicator move up, and the vindicator fails to do anything drastic.  The DP also moves over and joins the assault against the Wyches, only to GET PASTED BEFORE HE GETS TO SWING.  The Wyches did something silly like 6 wounds to him and he failed 3 armor saves since the Hekatrix was in base to base with the Scouts.  


The rest of the game comprised of roughly 1.5 more turns I believe.  It included the Wyches finishing off the Scouts only to be pasted by a Vindicator shot with the exception of the Hekatrix, who later went on to wipe out an entire Plague Marine squad, albeit a few casualties down, by himself!  Seth and Company wreak a bit of havoc after the Archon whiffs hardcore on both Seth and the Priest and got pasted by Seth in response.  They went on to kill my Trueborn, Venom, Raider, and both Baal Predators by the time they were done, although we did kind of allow them to as the game was winding down.  The Blood Angels Librarian and company took out the other plague marine squad, and Darklance fire and the Stormraven took down the Landraider, Vindis, Baal, and Oblits.  We wound up just about tabling them before they conceded and we went to go hang for a few slices of pizza before the next match.  Enjoy the pictures and I promise to have a bit of a more in-depth recounting of the final match at the top table vs. BA/GK!

Thanks again to Carroll and Sam for a great and hard-fought match!


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