Friday, February 4, 2011

BatRep vs. IG

So I played another 1850 battle vs. a local IG player, Matt.  Again using the Adepticon 2010 missions, we rolled for the Annihilation mission:  Pitched battle deployment, Primary Kill Points, Secondary eliminate all enemy troops, Tertiary Victory Points (by 250 points).  Let me preface this game by saying that it was one of the most hard-fought, bloody, and enjoyable games I've ever played.  It isn't a battle I'll soon forget.  I apologize in advance for it's length, but the battle was very intense and went a full 7 turns.

Kabal of the Obsidian Sky

Archon w/Shadowfield, Agonizer, PGL, Drugs

8x Incubi in Raider w/NS, FF
3x Trueborn w/3x Blasters in Venom w/2x Cannons

10x Wyches w/2x Shardnets, Hekatrix w/Agonizer, in Raider w/NS, FF
10x Wyches w/2x Shardnets, Hekatrix w/Agonizer, in Raider w/NS, FF
5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/2x Cannons
5x Warriors w/Blaster in Venom w/2x Cannons

6x Reaver Jetbikes w/2x Heat Lances, Cluster Caltrops

3x Ravagers w/NS, FF

Imperial Guard w/Daemonhunters Allies

CCS w/2x Melta, medic, standard, 2x bodyguards, Colonel Straken
Grey Knight Brother Captain w/Psychic Hood

Inquisitor with Carapace Armor (not sure what else, rode with the PCS to start)

PCS w/autocannon team in Chimera w/HF
Infantry squad w/Autocannon Team in Chimera w/HB
Infantry squad w/Autocannon Team in Chimera w/HB
Veteran squad w/3x Melta in Chimera w/HF
Veteran squad w/3x Melta in Chimera w/HF


Leman Russ MBT w/HF, Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Leman Russ MBT w/HF, Plasma Cannon Sponsons

So yeah, definitely a very tough list to deal with.  Definitely a competitive IG tourney list.  The Russes aren't ideal vs. DE but I can understand why he took them vs. Blood Angels and the like.

We asked another club member to set up the table with 25% terrain, including at least some decent LOS blocking terrain.  I win the roll off for deployment and elect to go first.

I set up two Ravagers, a Wych Raider, and a Warrior Venom on the left behind the "Imperial First Planetary Bank."  The rest sets up on the right side.  I've spread everything out a good bit while trying to hug some cover and minimize firing lanes while giving myself a good vantage point from which to start the game.

IG deploy with Infantry squads, a Russ, a Vendetta, and the Manticore in the left corner, while the Vets, PCS, CCS, other Vendetta, and other Russ deploy more centrally.

Matt attempts to seize the initiative and....

.....yeah he seized.  AAAAHHHH BOB SAGET!!!!

IG Turn 1

So my anticipated hopeful first turn suicide charges with the Wyches is foiled, and the IG shooting torrent begins.  Luckily, I always tend to assume the worst with my deployment, so there's not too much clustered up for the Manticore to multi-hit.

When the smoke clears he's exploded both Wych Raiders and a Warrior Venom, knocked off a Cannon from the other Warrior Venom, killed two Reavers, and Immobilized the Trueborn Venom.  Could've been much worse.  Highlight was a Russ firing at a Ravager, scattering 7" and landing directly on a Venom, essploding it.  Left Warriors are pinned.

DE Turn 1

I reposition my Ravagers on the left to limit LOS from the entire left flank, deciding instead to concentrate on the right flank.  Remaining Wyches move into the Bank where they will remain until near the end of the game.

Trueborn exit their Venom in the hopes of getting some shots off against some the Chimeras.  The Wyches also move forward a bit onto the large ziggurat.  Not entirely sure what my plan was but I might've been able to get off a charge with the right fleet rolls.  As a note, we decided it was difficult to move up levels of the ziggurat, but that to move along on an individual level was normal open terrain.  The Reavers, right Ravager, mobile Venom, and Incubi Raider all boost/move up the right side of the board.

Shooting phase from the combined firepower of 3 Ravagers and the Trueborn wrecks one Vet Chimera, explodes another (wounding 8 and killing 7 of them), immobilizes and shakes the PCS Chimera, and Shakes the Vendetta and knocks off a Lascannon.

IG Turn 2

IG reposition and the unscathed Vet squad pushes forward towards the trueborn.  Left flank mobilizes some in order to get some new firing lanes.

IG prepare to counterattack
Shooting destroys the Trueborn Venom, and kills a Wych and a Trueborn.  The Wyches and Trueborn both fail their leadership checks (Ld 9) and start the trend of my failing 9 of 11 leadership checks I'm forced to make this game.  Other shooting is rendered ineffective between LOS blocking, range, cover saves, and Flickerfields.

DE Turn 2

I reposition my Ravagers again to avoid being double-hit by the Manticore.  Warriors are no longer pinned and move into the Bank and join the Wyches inside.  Incubi & Archon move up, disembark, and prepare to assault the Vets squad.  The Reavers move into heat lance range on the PCS Chimera, and the Ravager and Venom move to get better firing lanes on the far side of the ziggurat.  The Trueborn and Wyches both rally and subsequently fleet onto the ziggurat.

Ravager shooting destroys Straken's Chimera, Shakes and destroys another Lascannon from the center Vendetta.  The Reavers manage to wreck the PCS chimera, and subsequently JSJ back away.

Archon and Incubi assault the Vets, who all die before they get to swing.  Pain token for the Incubi.  They consolidate into terrain.

IG Turn 3

IG prepare for another barrage of shooting.  Straken & company move forward, the BC forced to take a dangerous terrain test, rolls an ace, and then makes his 5++.  The Inquisitor leaves the PCS and hops in the Vendetta, moving backwards.

This round proves to be much more effective for IG shooting, destroying the Archon's Raider, immobilizing the right-most Ravager, stunning the Venom, and wrecking the center Ravager.  Also, a couple of Incubi die to shooting.  I manage to make an absurd number of cover saves, but fail every armor + FNP that I'm forced to roll.  It's quite comical. 

DE Turn 3

Well that was a pretty devastating turn of IG shooting.  No matter, take their souls!  The Incubi and Archon prepare to charge the CCS.  The Reavers perform a flyby on the 3 man Vet squad for an easy KP.  The Ravager lines up the wounded Vendetta for another volley.

The Ravager blows off the final lascannon on the Vendetta ARRRRGGGHHH The Warriors in the Bank make it to the top level, where the Blaster manages to immobilize the Infantry Chimera!  Archon and Incubi fleet and charge into the CCS, the Archon getting into base with both Straken and the BC, while the rest of the Incubi stay away from the two of them.  The Archon kills the BC for another pain token, while the Incubi wipe out everyone in the squad saves Straken.  Straken puts two wounds on the Archon, who promptly fails his Shadowfield save and bites it.  What else is new?  Straken takes a wound from Fearless saves.

IG Turn 4

The IG shuffle around a bit, with the weaponless Vendetta going Flat Out for a cover save.  The other Vendetta manages to blow off a Dark Lance from the remaining functional Ravager (the right most one was immobilized out of range, essentially out of the game).  The Reavers take a single casualty, and promptly fail their morale check.  The squad of Trueborn and Wyches near my deployment each take one casualty, fail their morale checks AGAIN! and are now below half strength and wind up running off the board.

In assault, Straken gets pasted by the 4 remaining Incubi.  They consolidate towards the Russ and PCS.

DE Turn 4

The remaining functional Ravager prepares to duke it out with the firing Vendetta.  The Incubi prepare for a multicharge, and the Venom remains stunned.  The Reavers rally, and move into position to shoot the Immobilized Chimera.

Shooting sees the Ravager fail epically, and the Heat Lances knock a Multilaser off of the immobilized Chimera (out of Melta range).  The Blaster, however, manages to wreck it!  Reavers JSJ back onto the small ziggurat.

The Incubi multi-charge the PCS and the Russ, who only pivoted last turn.  The Incubi immobilize and Shake the Russ, and wind up sweeping the PCS, consolidating next to the Russ, out of LOS.

IG Turn 5

The IG flat out the Inquisitor Vendetta, the Russ and Infantry Squad prepare to fire on the Warriors inside the Bank.

Shooting unloads onto the Warriors in retaliation for popping the Chimera, who then subsequently fall below half-strength after going to ground, and then fail morale and run away.  AGAIN!!!!  The Vendetta continues the slap fight with the Ravager, hitting only once, penetrating, and failing to get through the flickerfield.

DE Turn 5 

The warriors may have ran away COWARDS!!! but the Wyches, who have been biding their time in the Bank, spring out and into assault range of the Infantry squad.  The Reavers reposition on the small ziggurat.  The remaining Warriors boost forward towards the action.  The Incubi prepare to re-assault the Russ next to them.

Shooting sees the Ravager finally win out against the Vendetta (Explodes!), while the Reavers manage to wreck the last remaining Chimera with their heat lances and the squad inside is pinned.

The Incubi manage to finish off the Russ in assault (wrecked).  The Wyches assault, do one wound, and then lose 3 girls in return (excluding the hekatrix).  She manages to make her morale check FINALLY!!

Matt rolls to see if the game continues...and it does!

IG Turn 6

The Russ moves into position on top of the destroyed chimera to take aim at the Reavers, while the now-spent Manticore moves back and pops smoke.  The Inquisitor's Vendetta boosts again.  The Russ manages to pop 2 of the Reavers, after which the remaining Heat Lance fails his morale check and starts running away.

The assault sees the Hekatrix fail to wound anyone, but she saves the one she takes in return.

DE Turn 6

The Warriors move forward and disembark from their Venom, lining up for a pot shot at the Manticore.  The Incubi move forward.  The Ravager lines up the Russ.

Shooting fails to harm the Manticore, the Incubi roll a 2 for fleet.  The Ravager, however, hits once, pens, and explodes the Russ!  It takes 4 or so guardsmen with it from the CC.

The CC results in the Hekatrix taking out 2 guardsmen, taking no wounds in return, and she runs them down!

Matt again rolls to see if the game ends, and it continues!

IG Turn 7

IG attempt to get into position to shoot the Hekatrix, while the Vendetta moves to my left table corner.

The Guardsmen fail to wound the Hekatrix due to the wrecks blocking LOS to most of them!

DE Turn 7

The Warriors move up into Blaster range of the Manticore, while the Hekatrix hides, and the Incubi move toward the Manticore.

The Blaster fails to hurt the Manticore, and the Incubi move forward, fleet, and assault!

Assault sees the Manticore Explode! taking a couple of guardsmen with it.

Additionally, the fleeing Heat Lance Reaver gets into range of the Vendetta.  He hits, rolls a 6 to glance, and then rolls an immobilized result to wreck it!  However, Matt makes his cover save.  Would've been epic!

The game ends and we tally up the KP total....

The Dark Eldar manage to win the Primary with a score of 12-11!!!

Secondary was tied, while the Tertiary went to the Dark Eldar as well, for a final Battle point Total of 36 to 8.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this was one of the most hard-fought and epic games I've ever played.  Thank God I anticipated getting screwed right in the beginning, because otherwise seizing the initiative could have proven even more devastating.  It was an exhausting 3+ hour battle.  A lot longer time-wise than in a tournament, but worth it.  Thanks again Matt for a sweet match!


  1. Excellent battle report, and cool blog all around. I like your DE army, it's similar to the one I'm running now. Best of luck in your future games!

  2. Thanks Jacob! I've got another couple of reports form last night to write up, one of them a similar slugfest with IG. Glad you like the blog and happy to hear you've also leaned the way of Commoragh. Do you mean your run a similar list or a similar paint scheme?

  3. "The Incubi multi-charge the PCS and the Russ"

    This is incorrect, only the infantry should have been involved in the combat, with the tank ignored completely.

    Other than that - sounds like an awesome game! :)

  4. Why do you say that Toby?? They remained within unit coherency during the assault. Why wouldn't I be able to multi-charge the russ?

  5. Also thanks for the read and the comment!

  6. You pile in towards infantry in a multi-assault involving a vehicle, but initial attacks can still be directed towards the vehicle.