Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome, Welcome!!

Well this is my first blogging experience, primarily for Warhammer 40k Battle Reports, List Building, and whatever other shenanigans and thoughts I'd like to contribute to the world because commenting on other blogs is proving to be insufficient for my 40k addiction.  I am a committed and competitive gamer, but also deeply in love with fluff.  I feel the very best 40k players are able to blend the two into a competitive force with a solid theme.  By no means am I perfect at such things, but those are my thoughts.

My only true functioning 40k army at the moment is Eldar.  I've dabbled in Space Wolves and Blood Angels, but while I have a lot of thoughts from my playtesting/playing against them, they just don't quite fit my playstyle and have fallen by the wayside (a.k.a. I'm not motivated enough to paint them, other than a few sweet Death Company models and a Dreadnought.)  However, I am thoroughly and completely infatuated with the upcoming Dark Eldar.  I cannot get enough of the rumors/facts from the preview codex, I am completely in love with the models, rules, and options, and I fully plan on buying stupid amounts of the Dark Kin with some of my hoarded tournament winnings.

For a little more information on my playstyle and such, here's my typical Eldar list:

1850 LIST

Farseer Inendil (counts as Eldrad)

6x Harlequins - 5x Kisses, Shadowseer, Troupe Master w/Power Weapon
6x Fire Dragons - Exarch w/Dragon's Breath Flamer, Crack Shot
7x Striking Scorpions - Exarch w/Scorpions Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker
----------Waveserpent with Spirit Stones, Scatter Lasers

9x Dire Avengers - Exarch w/Power Weapon & Shimmershield, Bladestorm, Defend
9x Dire Avengers - Exarch w/2xAvenger Shuriken Catapults, Bladestorm
----------2x Waveserpent with Spirit Stones, Eldar Missile Launchers

Fire Prism w/Spirit Stones, Holofields
Fire Prism w/Spirit Stones, Holofields
Falcon w/Spirit Stones, Holofields, Scatter Laser

Farseer Inendil rides with the PW/SS Avengers, and the Scorpions typically outflank in their Serpent.

For 2000 points, I add in Yriel and drop Stalker from the Scorps Exarch.

No civilians in the army, and all tanks all the time.  Well, except for the Harlequins, but no one tells them what to do.

And again....Welcome!!!!

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